SO…I have this Friend…

Lost and Urbane


Photo Credit: ME!!!!!


Danielle and I met August 7th, 2014. “How does she remember?” You may be asking…. Well, I remember because Danielle and I met on the Last Day of My Twenties. It truly was an introduction by chance. If I would have left our friend Pamela’s home 5 minutes earlier I would have missed her, if I hadn’t been stuffing my face with a drunken Dr. Seuss cake in the kitchen, I probably wouldn’t have met her. You get my drift.

 Photos by: Danielle

She has been a huge inspiration on how I view mankind. Although, our time together in Germany as neighbors was very brief, I have to say she is one of the kindest-quirkiest women I have ever met. Danielle, has inspired me to be a better person.Things are not black and white in the world I live in. Being an over thinker…

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